Freezer Beef

Freezer Beef program

“Working in harmony with mother nature…”
Our direct sales of high quality natural finished Angus beef are produced in a grazing system where cattle graze their entire lives.

Em Brook Angus markets direct beef sales to a wide range of private customers throughout the mid-Atlantic area. Our beef is born and finished naturally here at the farms on picturesque pastures. Our beef is rich in CLA and Omega 3. Working in harmony with mother nature, our beef is processed at its peak and dry aged for 10-14 days for full flavor, cut to your specifications and quick frozen.


Half/or whole $2.90 and a split quarter is $3.00 a per dress weight pound.  As always, we match your order with others for those needing halves or quarters.

Where we process our beef:

We use the Locker Plant in Everett (814-652-2714), a USDA inspected facility, will process your beef the way you want it.

If you have not already reserved your beef for this year, please call us at the farm.  Also, if you know of a friend or neighbor who would like high quality, all natural, home grown beef, please give them our phone number. We also welcome your emails ( with questions, insights and/or your beef order. Thanks for your patronage; you are always welcome at the farm.

Rick and Barb                      814-733-4552
Richie and Paula                 814-733-4068
Ryan and Liz                        814-733-9101